• Free consultations:
    A walk through of your cemetery noting conditions  and  risks.
  • Gravestone and memorial cleaning:
    Removal of biological growths and staining.
  • Gravestone resetting:
    Helping to forestall further damage to tilted stones and raise sunken stones.
  • Gravestone repair:
    repair to broken and delaminating stones.
  •  Conditions  assessment:
    A stone by stone evaluation detailing the means necessary to  conserve each stone and an estimate of costs.
  • Preparation of grant applications :
    Prepare applications for funds such as the Community Preservation Act application.
  • Hands on training workshops:
    I will instruct your group on the proper methods to cleaning and documenting your burial ground on site.

Probing  for  sub surface stones.

Assistance in forming and organizing a Friends group.